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Open from Tuesday to Saturday all year by reservation only - Valet praking

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Relais Chateau

Act 1 : The restaurant of Pierre Orsi, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, in Lyon

For this culinary craftsman, the act of cooking is a war that’s waged on the front lines of vigilance and is won only through a total engagement of oneself.

This sense of the importance of work well done and of exactitude led to his being awarded the prestigious title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 1972. 

In a continual search for perfection and excellence, he takes pleasure in offering all that’s best to his guests, while at the same time constantly striving to renew and modernize everything he does.

"The members of the team I work with every day have a real passion for what they do. It’s their experience and savoir-faire that makes it possible to develop new dishes, true creations, for each season. It’s essential to ensure our senses are fully awake. Our hearing, sight and sense of smell thus become our everyday tools for creating, inventing and reinventing each dish."
Pierre Orsi

Geneviève ORSI : Maîtresse de maison

Her gift is an untiring ability to ensure that every element of the interior of the Pierre Orsi restaurant expresses a harmonious welcome to its guests.

Nothing is too insignificant to be called into question and brought to a state of perfection, with the well-being of clients always in mind. 

Her evident success can be attributed both to an experienced eye and a refined touch, enhanced by a ready smile.

Madame Orsi symbolizes the harmony of this house of historic stone: her reassuring presence embodies its quiet and elegant nature.

"Gentleness, passion and affection" is more than her motto; it embodies her art of living.

Gentleness, passion and affection: an affair of the heart

Like you, we have a fondness for fine dining.

It’s a partiality that we enjoy sharing with our guests, with gentleness and passion, as well as affection.

Because the love for fine dining is above all an affair of the heart that reflects the passion in each of our dishes.